Re:Framing Cultural Criticism and GoPro Users

GoPro is an action camera which is made for people who like play extreme sports such as surfing, parachuting, and skiing. It is famous for its lightweight, compact, and adjustability. The GoPro camera can capture still photos and video in high-definition through the wide-angle lens while being remotely controlled or configured to work automatically. However in nowadays, GoPro is no only a camera for extreme sports, it is more a lifestyle and a new attitude toward life for everyone.


(Some new GoPro models in the store. Photo Credit to GoPro.)

Depend on those characteristics, GoPro attracts a group of people who love adventure and exploring. As the slogan of GoPro is “Be A Hero”, many young men gather around to follow their dream and try to be a hero by becoming a GoPro user.

Most users of GoPro are ones who love adventure and doesn’t want to spoil their other camera(s) while video recording in harsh or unpredictable conditions. But a majority of GoPro users still share some common things. First, most of the GoPro users are the big sports enthusiast. At first, the founder of GoPro, Nick Woodman, wanted to build some kind of mount so surfers could strap cameras to their wrists and wet suits. So they targeted surfers, but as the cameras got more and more popular, a lot of other athletes started to use them, such as skiers, snowboarders, skateboarders, and mainly base jumpers and skydivers, because they can just strap a GoPro on their helmet or chest or wherever and just get awesome footage of their stunts. But now a lot has changed: GoPro is not only for the extreme sports enthusiast, runner, swimmer, golfer and many other sportsmen started to use GoPro.


(I used GoPro during the bunker practice. Photo Credit to Wenyan Ma)

The second kind of people who loves to use GoPro is travelers. GoPro is a great camera for travelers because they’ll fit in your pocket. So there’s no problem with trying to find space in your luggage or exceeding carry-on limits. Another advantage is GoPros come with that distinctive ultra-wide-angle fisheye look. It can create a great immersive look that especially suits action shots. Traveler loves to use GoPro to capture cool views then upload the images to their social account and shares happiness with people around the world.

Other than travelers and sports enthusiast, there are also many other people use GoPro. All in all, we can come up with some conclusions for GoPro users — they love life, love nature, love sports, love adventure, love exploring. GoPro users live their life to its maximum and they never quit. They have to get the perfect angle, perfect timing, or perfect light. They are enthusiasm to their life and not afraid to try new things. They are the hero of their own. These general characters of GoPro users make them so special and these also truly define the culture behind GoPro and the idea of “Be A Hero”. As I wrote in the beginning, GoPro is no only a camera for sports or travel, it is also a new lifestyle and a new attitude towards life.